Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So some of you may have heard of the 10-dollar Cozy Tunes Pillow (available at Brookstone and Linens 'n Things).

If you haven't, the cozy tunes pillow is a ten-dollar cushion that lets you fall asleep to Brittany Spears without the pain of having those stiff little earbuds in your ears.
But if having a pillow with a plain ol' speaker sown doesn't satisfy your inner-ninja, there is an even classier item soon to be available on the market.

Its called the Toshiba Bone Conduction pillow. Instead of using your ear drums to transmit sound, this pillow actually vibrates the users bones in such a way that it bypasses the ear-drum and sends the sound to the brain without anyone else ever hearing it. While this site has a nerds explanation of it, the device is actually a simple technology and we have all experienced bone conduction. Try this: semi-swallow as if you were gonna pop your ears. Then hum. That's bone conduction.
Using this pillow has the advantage of not disturbing your partner with your sleepy-time music. And if you don't have a partner, then you would probably be wasting your money.... But hi-5 anyway! The technology is commonly used in hearing aids but this is the first time the technology has been implemented in a pillow. Unfortunately it also joins the ranks of really cool gizmos that are only available in Japan. Let's pour out a beer for a great idea.

Black Toilet Paper!!

Seriously, I'm amazed that nobody thought of this earlier. Aside from black, apparently this toilet paper is available in yellow and red too. And if you are worried about the toxins associated with whipping your bum with died TP, worry no more; white TP is actually worse for you because it uses a substantial amount of bleach to achieve its brilliance. Plus, this toilet black paper is supposedly as soft as a fluffy white bunny.

One problem is that you can't really tell when you are done wiping... a sniff, perhaps? Nevermind.

If you want to buy some, try here

Staple-Less Stapler

I know it may seem like I am obsessed with staplers, but in the interest of full-disclosure, I have decided to show the other front in the stapler revolution.

While the One-Touch stapler appealed to the couch-potato stapler lovers among us, this next stapler appeals to the eco-friendly masses.

Instead of using pounds and pounds of fresh steel to pinch your tern-papers together, this little device can conjoin up to 5 sheets of paper by slicing and folding together (see image below).

While I do like the idea, and would love to see the precipitous drop in steel futures that would come as a result of widespread adoption of this device, I personally don't like the idea of putting holes in my important documents. If we are in the mood of slicing up documents to join them, we might as well go with the good ol' fashioned fold-and-tear.*

*With this method, one folds the corner of the stacked papers and makes 2 small perpendicular tears through the crease. After that, you fold the resulting middle flap backwards, and VIOLA! Stapled pages!

Stapler Revolution

While scouring the web for the ultimate cost-effective stapler, I found this little gem.

A standard stapler can force a staple through around 12-18 sheets of paper if you stand up and put your body weight on it. Through the use of a wind-up spring mechanism, a comperably-sized One-Touchtm Staples Stapler can shoot a staple through around 20 staples using your pinky.

I actually went to Staples to try this out, and this is the real deal. Move over, red Swingline, the stapler revolution is here!

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